Housing Bailout Possible

Posted by Jonathan Karlen on Friday, September 2nd, 2011 at 9:03pm.

homes in louisvillePresident Bush recently stated his belief that a housing bailout was possible. He hopes that a compromise surrounding the proposal can be reached with Congress, but feels that it will be necessary for it to be less about politics and more about actually helping home owners. The Senate is currently discussing a possible $300 billion plan that would provide an ability for cheaper loans for those persons that are at risk of losing their homes but it has been tied up in debate for some time now and may be losing some steam behind the measure. Additionally, the plan would essentially overhaul the Federal Housing Administration.

The discussion for the proposed legislation hopes to regain momentum after the legislators get back from a week long break. The impact it may have on homes in Louisville remains to be seen.

President Bush went on to state that he felt that the American economy would be fine in the long haul, and that its really just now that it is slumping somewhat. Perhaps a somewhat rosy outlook, but probably a fairly accurate one. The American economy has traditionally been a catalyst for more than just itself – so its in other countries best interests to help ensure that the economy and relatively speaking, soft (at least on a national level), real estate market.

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