I-64 Construction Detour in Franklin County Kentucky

Posted by Jonathan Karlen on Thursday, September 1st, 2011 at 4:18am.

i-64 construction detour in franklin county kentuckyThe Shelbyville  Kentucky newspaper The Sentinel-News wrote an article about the I-64 interstate construction project, and the re-routing of traffic by a detour.

There are 2 bridges that cross the Kentucky River in Franklin County, and both will begin having repairs starting today.

Various components of the bridge will be repaired or replaced including the expansion joints, which allow for movement of the bridge as it expands or contracts, for the east side of both bridges.

The construction project is contracted to be completed by the contractor Faulkner Construction LLC by December 15.

The traffic vehicle average for the bridges is 41,400. Approximately 7900 of which are trucks.

All vehicles that are wider than 12′ will be required to take an alternate route by detour by going to U.S. 60 at exit 58, following KY 676 to U.S. 127, and then getting back on I-64 at the on ramp at exit 53. Visit Louisville homes for sale for all of your real estate needs.

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