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Louisville Kentucky Home Owners Fight Real Estate Development

Thursday, September 1st, 2011 at 4:16pm. 11230 Views, 0 Comments.

louisville kentucky home owners fight real estate developmentSome Louisville Kentucky home owners have taken to using a new idea for fighting urban sprawl and new development in their area by downzoning the real estate.

Home owners in the Thixton Lane area in southern Jefferson County near the Bullitt County line, have banded together and filed for a zoning change that would restrict approximately 475 acres in their community.  The effort is being headed by one of the area residents, Mark Durbin who serves as president of Thixton Lane Neighbors – and that group are the applicants for the real estate zoning request.

What prompted this action, was the fairly recent approvals of 4 new real estate developments for this Louisville Kentucky suburb that could mean as many as 600 additional homes being constructed…

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