LaGrange KY Real Estate Sign Regulations

Posted by Jonathan Karlen on Friday, September 2nd, 2011 at 12:07pm.

lagrange kentucky real estateThe Louisville KY newspaper The Courier-Journal had an interesting article today regarding LaGrange Kentucky real estate  sign regulations.  To bring everyone up to speed – last year in the Spring of 2007, the La Grange City Council approved and passed a new stricter sign and lighting ordinance that affected all properties within the community.

Its intent was to help preserve some of the charm and quaint feeling that this lovely area provides.  However, after almost a year of implementation, feelings have changed that the ordinances were perhaps too strict and restricted growth of possible new businesses in the area – particularly new small owned businesses.  Some of the restrictions included currently are a ban on electronic signs, internally lit signs, roof signs, lighted “open” signs placed in windows of establishments, permanent banners and pole signs (such as used in commercial applications for many fast food restaurants and hotels).  Additionally, all outdoor lighting was to be directed down and away from adjoining LaGrange KY real estate owners.  And of course, there were numerous exceptions and qualifiers on the types of approvals depending on what zoning classification that the property may be.

So, the LaGrange City Council is meeting tomorrow Wednesday January 23 2008 to make the first proposals toward a repeal of the more restrictive sign ordinance that is currently in place.  If this is ordinance is repealed, the Oldham County KY sign and light regulations that was in existence before these additional rules and regulations previously would remain in effect.

The La Grange KY City Council meeting is tomorrow Wednesday January 23 2008 at 6:30 pm at the Fiscal Court building located at 100 West Jefferson Street in LaGrange KY.

Personally, I think its all about balance.  Its important to preserve the character of a community – but at the same time, you can’t inhibit growth to the point that the local area becomes stagnant with new businesses not being able to reasonably compete on a level playing field with the established businesses in the area. Just an opinion from a Louisville Realtor that would like to see a balance approach to handling any issues and challenges.

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