Louisville KY takes Prospect Kentucky to Supreme Court over Land Dispute

Posted by Jonathan Karlen on Thursday, September 1st, 2011 at 5:19pm.

louisville ky takes prospect kentucky to supreme court over land dispute5 years ago in 2002, when Louisville announced was nearing the change of the city limits to include the metropolitan area of Jefferson County Kentucky, there was a policy rules announcement that included a moratorium on any land acquisitions by government until the year 2015.

Prospect Kentucky then “snuck in under the radar” so to speak, and acquired 50 acres located between Highway 42, and Riber Road in between Ken Carla Drive and Timber Ridge Drive close to Harrods Creek, just before the metro Louisville KY came into existence, and with it, the rules prohibiting such acquisitions.

Louisville KY has since been in litigation with Prospect Kentucky saying that Prospect acted illegally by knowingly grabbing the property into its city just before the law went into effect that would have prohibited this action in the first place – and that Louisville put all smaller cities that they would be sued if they tried to get in under the wire by grabbing additional property before the law went into effect.

Prospect has claimed that it did nothing wrong – as the law wasn’t into effect when the land was acquired and therefore Louisville Kentucky has no claim as you can’t go back retroactively from a legal perspective.  Additionally the property owner asked Prospect KY to annex their property in order to get various Prospect city services.

So far, the courts have sided with Prospect KY.

Additionally, new information has come to light, with one of the property owners stating that it wasn’t their idea to get annexed by Prospect, but rather George Martin, a real estate developer, that had an option to purchase the approximately 50 acres tract.

The land has remained mostly undeveloped due to a lack of sewers for this real estate, but there have been some businesses constructing facilities on the property including a bank and some offices and is being developed by Willard Bryant, another real estate developer.

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