Louisville Real Estate Zoning Downgrade: Thixton Lane

Posted by Jonathan Karlen on Friday, September 2nd, 2011 at 2:42pm.

louisville real estateAs some of you will recall an article regarding a requested downgrade in zoning by various Louisville homes owners in the Thixton Lane area in the southern portion of Jefferson County Kentucky. You can read the previous article here.

Well, the efforts of those Louisville homes owners apparently worked, as the Louisville Metro Council approved the downgrade in zoning use on approximately 475 acres in the Thixton Lane area. The downgrade in zoning now requires that those properties be developed be done so on tracts of 5 acres or larger for approval.

This is typically a fairly irregular request and the home owners in the area wanted to use it as a means of preventing Louisville real estate development from running rampant in their area and that the interior services such as roadways would be unable to handle a big increase in volume of use if real estate developments were allowed to come into the area and gain approval for a higher density project.

This collective effort was the result of several years of continued and never wavering support headed by Mark Durbin who is serving as president of the Thixton Lane Neighbors organization that was the original entity to place the request before the Louisville Kentucky Metropolitan Council.

Mark Durbin gave credit to Louisville council representative Robin Engel who is with the 22nd district, in assisting in getting this approval passed by the metro government of Louisville.

Congratulations to the Thixton Lane Neighbors! You’ve managed to succeed where many others would have wavered in their resolve.

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