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Home Prices Decrease Across United States

Friday, September 2nd, 2011 at 11:44am. 3698 Views, 0 Comments.

home price decrease across united statesSingle family home prices decreased across the United States for the first time since 1994 according to a recent report prepared by Global Insight & National City Corp.

The drop came in the 3rd quarter of 2007 when the median value of a home in the United States decreased by approximately 1%.  Approximately half of all metropolitan areas saw a decline.

This is an interesting point to note – because until this most recent study, the stronger real estate markets in the US have helped buoy up the other markets that were bringing the overall numbers down.  This is an indication that the other markets that have been fairing well even in a softer real estate market, may be slowing down and are not able to carry the rest of the other markets across the…

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Lower priced homes have strongest gains in Louisville Kentucky

Friday, September 2nd, 2011 at 11:41am. 733 Views, 0 Comments.

lower priced homes have strongest gains in louisville kentuckyThe Greater Louisville Association of Realtors has recently come out with some intriguing numbers.  The amount of homes for sale in Louisville Kentucky  that are priced at $50,000 or less is up 14% from a year ago in 2006.

These prices are appealing for investors looking to either buy and hold, or repair and flip the cheaper properties as they have a greater margin for profit per dollar invested in the project.

This has met with mixed reviews and opinions from many neighbors that live in those areas.  Some have raised concerns that if the homes become rentals, that the occupants may not take care of the property in the same manner that a traditional homeowner may be inclined to do.

Others have felt that while rentals may not be the most…

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Shelbyville Kentucky Real Estate Transfers 12-21-2007

Friday, September 2nd, 2011 at 11:38am. 2386 Views, 0 Comments.

shelbyville kentucky real estate transfersFor your convenience, here are the Shelbyville Kentucky real estate transfers for week ending 12-21-2007:

Price Bros. – to Horizons Opportunities LLC – Lot 1 Block E Indianapolis Subdivision – $25000

Lillie Young – to Kim Young – property east of KY 53 – $10

Dogwood LLC – to James Hardy & Cinderella Hardy – Lot 5-G-3B Dogwood Trace Phase 5 – $161900

James Miller & Patricia Miller – to Martin Middleton Junior & Carol Wallin – Tract 8  Noland Woods – $330000

Amos Martin Construction Company Inc – to Gregory Allen & Laurie Allen – Lot 106 Persimmon Ridge Phase IV – $409819.71

Bradley Penn & Felicia Penn – to Michael Gomez – Lot 43 Orchard Crossing Subdivision – $114000

Arthur McMahan & Melissa McMahan…

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Foreclosed Real Estate decreases by 10 percent in the United States

Friday, September 2nd, 2011 at 11:34am. 1603 Views, 0 Comments.

foreclosed real estate decreases by 10 percent in the united statesForeclosed real estate decreased by 10 percent across the United States for the month of November 2007.  Kentucky saw a decrease of 6.65%.

This is significant in that this is the first time there has been a double digit percent decrease in foreclosures since April 2006 – some 20 months ago.

But, we aren’t out of the woods yet so to speak.  There are predictions for a very strong foreclosure rate in the 1st quarter of 2008 – a primary cause being the seasonal influx of persons that are filing before various deadlines, as well as those that may file due to an increase of adjustable mortgage rate persons having their mortgages reset and the current home owner not being able to address the debt service of the higher payment for their…

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Shelby County Kentucky Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting 12-18-2007

Friday, September 2nd, 2011 at 11:12am. 962 Views, 0 Comments.

shelby county kentucky planning and zoning commission meetingThe Shelby County Kentucky Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting is scheduled for today 12-18-2007.  Some of the points of discussion include a possible amendment, change, or revocation, or modification of a green space landscaping buffer requirement that was implemented 2 years ago.

One of the modifications to the adopted plan would include lowering the amount of plants/trees that a real estate developer would be required to install for a development.  Currently, a real estate developer is required to to place approximately 15 or 16 trees per 200′ of road frontage.  The modification would reduce the amount of plantings to 4 trees.

Part of the motivation for the change has come from real estate developer’s complaints that the requirements were…

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Shelbyville Kentucky Real Estate Transfers 12-14-2007

Thursday, September 1st, 2011 at 5:23pm. 1535 Views, 0 Comments.

shelbyville kentucky real estateFor your convenience, here are the Shelby County and Shelbyville Kentucky real estate transfers for week ending 12-14-2007:

Michael Allen & Cheryl Allen – to Eric Jenkins & Allison Jenkins – Lot 205 Persimmon Ridge phase IX – $450000

Paul Willard estate administrator – to Katina Sheppard – lot 14 Simpsonville Gardens #3 – $153000

PH Real Estate Inc – to Troy Freeman & Mary Freeman – lot 4 The Reserves at Todds Station – $37450

National Residential Nominee Services Inc – to Ashlea Christiansen & Carl Christiansen – lot 36 Todds Station subdivision phase 1 – $162000

Frank Wiecek – to William Cain & Betty Gilbert-Cain – lots of Tower Heights Subdivision – $155000

Timothy McGee – to Amy Measle & Debra Newton –…

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Louisville KY takes Prospect Kentucky to Supreme Court over Land Dispute

Thursday, September 1st, 2011 at 5:19pm. 1250 Views, 0 Comments.

louisville ky takes prospect kentucky to supreme court over land dispute5 years ago in 2002, when Louisville announced was nearing the change of the city limits to include the metropolitan area of Jefferson County Kentucky, there was a policy rules announcement that included a moratorium on any land acquisitions by government until the year 2015.

Prospect Kentucky then “snuck in under the radar” so to speak, and acquired 50 acres located between Highway 42, and Riber Road in between Ken Carla Drive and Timber Ridge Drive close to Harrods Creek, just before the metro Louisville KY came into existence, and with it, the rules prohibiting such acquisitions.

Louisville KY has since been in litigation with Prospect Kentucky saying that Prospect acted illegally by knowingly grabbing the property into its city just before the…

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Downtown Louisville KY Real Estate Development

Thursday, September 1st, 2011 at 5:06pm. 1302 Views, 0 Comments.

downtown louisville ky real estate developmentLocal Louisville KY real estate developer Kevin Cogan has big plans for 2 new office buildings to be located in downtown Louisville Kentucky.  The plans call for 2 office building with 12 floors each on top of parking that will encompass 8 floors each to be built at the corner of Jackson and Main Streets (in between Preseton & Jackson, and Jefferson & Main), immediately across the street from Louisville Slugger Field. To view properties for sale in the area try out Downtown Louisville Condos for Sale or Old Louisville Real Estate to view properties in the area. For anyone desiring to search the metropolitan area you can do so at Louisville Homes  for easy and fast 1 click search features.

The project is estimated at $150 million and will feature 2…

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Proposed Oldham County KY and Shelby County Kentucky Airport

Thursday, September 1st, 2011 at 5:01pm. 2955 Views, 0 Comments.

proposed oldham county ky and shelby county kentucky airportThere are currently 3 sites being considered for a possible airport to be put in either Oldham County and/or Shelby County Kentucky.  The proposed sites would encompass approximately 250 acres with estimation of costs in the $20 million range.

Most residents in the areas feel that an airport isn’t needed given the proximity to other major airports including in Louisville Kentucky, Lexington KY, and northern Kentucky in Covington / Cincinnati.

Bowman field in Louisville KY is approximately 30 minutes away from the proposed sites.

Current estimates for air traffic for the proposed airport is over 100 plans arriving/departing per day.  But there would not be a control tower or air traffic controller handling and managing the incoming/departing…

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2007 Annual Meeting for Shelby Development Foundation

Thursday, September 1st, 2011 at 4:56pm. 808 Views, 0 Comments.

annual meeting for shelby development foundationThe Shelbyville Kentucky newspaper The Sentinel-News reported about the annual meeeting for the Shelby Development Foundation that was held on 11/29/07 in Shelbyville Kentucky.  This organization is dedicated to preserving and restoring historically significant homes and buildings.

Some of the many accomplishments that were noted for 2007, were as follows:

Acquisition of real estate at 1028 Main Street – money to purchase the home was made by donations as well as loans from Citzens Union Bank (CUB Bank), Commwealth Bank & Trust, and American Founders Bank.

The home was having some foundation issues – and experts were brought in to address those problems with the home.  Additional problems found upon purchasing included numerous water…

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