Oldham County Kentucky School District Vote

Posted by Jonathan Karlen on Friday, September 2nd, 2011 at 2:34pm.

oldham county real estateThe Louisville Kentucky newspaper The Courier-Journal published an aricle today regarding the Oldham County Board of Education, and possible redistricting vote that is to take place this evening.

For reference, voting is tonight Monday February 25, 2008 at 6:00 pm EST at the Oldham County Middle School located at 4305 Brown Boulevard, in Buckner Kentucky.

The school redistricting discussion has been something that has been heavily discussed by everyone for the past month.

The proposal as currently presented would potentially affect and relocate 1,000 elementary students to new schools for the next school year.  As with everything, there are exceptions:  3 neighborhoods will be able to remain at the current school  (they were granted exemptions after families protested from those locales).

The entire redistricting plan is aimed at primarily easing the overcrowding problem.  Oldham County KY real estate has grown briskly over the past few years as pressures from growth in Louisville pushed toward the northeast.  Over the past 10 years, student enrollment has increased an average of 500 students per year, and the current schools are incapable of handling that sustained growth.  If you look at the entire Oldham County Kentucky 10 elementary schools, 5 of them are over capacity.  And that is even with the tremendous amount of new construction that has been going on for the area.  They’ve added 6 new schools over the past 10 years, and 2 more schools are scheduled to be constructed within the next 5 years.  Additionally, Locust Grove Elementary school is slated to open at La Grange KY in the Fall of 2008, and has capacity for 580 students.  Crestwood Elementary is on schedule to be replaced by a larger facility the following winter.

Part of the concerns is that this is the 3rd school redistricting that has been done within the past 5 years.

Some parents have felt that the Oldham County School Board has acted hastily without allowing adequate voicing of concerns & suggestions from those that would be most affected.

The school board chairperson, Joyce Fletcher, stated that she has attempted to communicate with all inquiries from everyone that wrote in letters, or called in to her office.  And that the modifications to the plans for redistricting the schools, were made after taking into consideration of the concerned parties that voiced their opinions.

Hopefully everyone can understand and come to terms with the results of the voting this evening.  Its certain that not everyone will be happy, but hopefully they can feel that pressure that the Oldham County KY Board of Education is feeling from the huge amount of sustained growth that they’ve been experiencing in La Grange, etc.

Ironically, one of the reasons for the tremendous growth, has been the Oldham County schools.  Their award winning record is quite well known in this area, and it further exacerbates the growth quandry that everyone has been dealing with.  Success breeds growth.  And people want their children to be a part of the Oldham County school system – so they end up selling their homes in Louisville, and purchasing Oldham County Kentucky real estate and setting up shop there so to speak, and commuting for work back into Louisville.

Good luck to everyone.  Hopefully you will see the results that you would like this evening at the vote!

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