Oldham County Kentucky Schools Redistricting Approved

Posted by Jonathan Karlen on Friday, September 2nd, 2011 at 2:46pm.

oldham county kentucky schoolsAs some of you will recall the article regarding the Oldham County Kentucky Schools  voting, its now official: Oldham County will be redistricting and reassigning 1000 students to new schools.

This approval was done unanimously by the Oldham County Board of Education – and over some protests and disagreements from various parents of children that are attending the schools within the county. Parents criticized that they were not given an adequate voice for the process and that they went more or less unheard for input on the proposal.

The school officials held their ground that they had adequate input from parents, and that revisions that were made reflected the concerns of most parents of children within the school system – and that these redistricting changes were needed to help deal with the overcrowding problems of the 11,000 students within the school system for Oldham County. Oldham County Kentucky continues to increase student enrollment by approximately 500 students a year presently. And 50% of the county’s elementary schools are currently beyond maximum capacity for the size of their buildings.

This approval marks the 3rd time in 5 years that the continued and long lasting growth of Oldham County KY homes, population and enrollment has forced a redistricting effort to be implemented.

Part of the feeling of concern may stem from 3 subdivisions being made an exemption for 3 subdivisions as part of the proposal. Those 3 subdivisions that were granted exemptions were: Arbor Ridge, Camden Manor and Shelbourn Oaks in Crestwood Kentucky.

Parents main concerns stemmed from having their children moved further away from their homes to attend school.

This is rather an ironic situation where the notoriety that the Oldham County Kentucky schools have received and various awards – have stimulated a tremendous of persons wanting to sell their Louisville homes, and move to purchase real estate in Oldham County. This has caused a tidal wave of persons to move into the area.

Beyond redistricting, there continues to be plans for new schools to be constructed. One school that is under construction is Locust Grove by LaGrange KY. This school is planned to be open for students this fall for the coming school year, and will accommodate approximately 580 students for its currently proposed design and size.

Additionally, existing schools are being enlarged and improved to handle some of the students. Crestwood Elementary will have a larger building within a year that should help share some of the overcrowding problems.

Many persons want the noted and award winning education that the Oldham County schools provide for their children. But the pressure placed on the system to accommodate everyone is quite difficult.

Over the past 10 years, 6 schools have been built – which hasn’t been sufficient. 2 more schools are scheduled to be constructed within the next 5 years. Of the Oldham County high schools 3 main campuses, 2 of the schools are currently being renovated to increase the size of their facilities.

Unfortunately for the residents of Oldham County, don’t expect this to be the last redistricting. As new schools continue to be built, and opened – you can bet that redistricting will occur to spread students out into the new facilities.

But, its not all sour apples. As an upside – if you have to have “problems” – having a school system that is so desirable that people flock to the area in droves so that their children can be placed within the schools is one of the nicer ones to have to deal with.

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