Proposed Oldham County KY and Shelby County Kentucky Airport

Posted by Jonathan Karlen on Thursday, September 1st, 2011 at 5:01pm.

proposed oldham county ky and shelby county kentucky airportThere are currently 3 sites being considered for a possible airport to be put in either Oldham County and/or Shelby County Kentucky.  The proposed sites would encompass approximately 250 acres with estimation of costs in the $20 million range.

Most residents in the areas feel that an airport isn’t needed given the proximity to other major airports including in Louisville Kentucky, Lexington KY, and northern Kentucky in Covington / Cincinnati.

Bowman field in Louisville KY is approximately 30 minutes away from the proposed sites.

Current estimates for air traffic for the proposed airport is over 100 plans arriving/departing per day.  But there would not be a control tower or air traffic controller handling and managing the incoming/departing planes.  This places concerns for the residents in these proposed airport location areas.

Night time landings would be controlled by the pilot themselves with them turning the lights on or off.

One of the proposed locations is commonly referred to as the Gathright location – this location is on KY 53 and KY 22 along the Oldham and Shelby County border.  Residents may not like it, but the Oldham County Airport Board has the authority and power to condemn and seize property through eminent domain.

Additional concerns is will the board members listen to concerns from Shelby County persons – when those persons aren’t affected politically from their views since they are acting as volunteers and have been appointed by the Oldham County Kentucky Judge Executive.

At the most recent public discussion regarding the proposal, approximately 400 people showed and roughly 98% were against the proposal.

There is an additional site location in Henry County Kentucky that appears to be meeting less resistance.

The most recent meeting on the matter by the Oldham County Airport Board was on December 5, 2007.

Several residents are currently researching a possible legal action against the proposal – though there’s an old saying “you can’t fight city hall”.  It is unlikely they would make much headway – other than causing a slight delay on the process if an airport is ultimately selected to go into the area.

To view homes for in the metro area be sure to try Remax Louisville for all of your home search needs. The biggest discussion point appears to be “Is there a need for an airport?”.  The board and other officials feel that the airport would open up new activity and interest in the area for development and create a larger tax base as a result for their budgets and economic boom for local businesses.  The residents that would be affected by the noise, traffic, and condemnation on the other hand feel that there isn’t a need – and that all that would be gained by the implementation of the airport would be noise, traffic, and the loss of family farms without much impact positively for anything else because the airport would not be able to compete with the much larger regional airports of Louisville International, Bowman in Louisville Kentucky, and the other airports in Lexington KY and northern Kentucky in Covington / Cincinnati.

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