Shelbyville Kentucky Tractor Pull

Posted by Jonathan Karlen on Wednesday, August 31st, 2011 at 10:50pm.

homes for sale shelbyville kyIts like I’ve said, you can find everything from Opera & the orchestra all the way to tractor pulls in the Louisville KY metro area.

That being said, its Tractor Pull time!!

At the Shelby County Fairgrounds in Shelbyville Kentucky, there is going to be a Tractor Pull September 29, 2007.  Its a Diesel Hot Rod Association sanctioned event.  You should be able to see a lot of local competitors in the event as well as some pros that are on the tour.

If you’ve never been to one of these events, essentially its VERY heavily modified tractors that have had at least 1 drag racing engine put in it (some can have 5 or 6 engines turning out 10,000+ horsepower!).  They then hook these tractors up to big sleds, and put weight in them.  A typical distance to pull is 300 feet.  As the sled gets pulled, the weight moves up the sled making it harder for the tractor to drag the sled (as the sled wants to bury itself into the dirt as the weight moves up the incline of the sled).

Whomever can pull them to the maximum distance, then moves to the next round.  Where they add more weight.  And so on.  They keep adding more and more weight until a winner is finally determined.

Its a fun time and worth seeing at least once in your life.  If you are in the Louisville KY, or Shelbyville KY area, you should definitely make it a point to go see this event.  Even if you aren’t a motorhead, you’ll be impressed by the creativity and power that these machine demonstrate – make sure you bring your earplugs to cancel out some of the noise.  For those persons interested in real estate be sure to check out available properties at Shelbyville KY Real Estate and Louisville KY Homes for Sale.

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