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Kentucky Employment Rate Increases in October

Thursday, September 1st, 2011 at 4:24pm. 1464 Views, 0 Comments.

kentucky employment rate increasesThe Friday November 23 2007 edition of the Shelbyville Kentucky newspaper, The Sentinel-News reported that the Kentucky employment rate saw increases in the month of October.

The unemployment rate for Kentucky was 6.1% in September.  In October, the unemployment rate was 5.6%.

Across the United States, the jobless rate has been fairly constant recently maintaining at 4.7% through September & October 2007.

Of the 11 major non-farm job classifications, 4 of them saw employment increases for the month of October.

6 of the major non-farm job classifications saw decreases for employment.

1 remained unchanged.

A net change of 100 jobs decrease was seen in October 2007 for Kentucky’s non-farm employment.  The total is currently: 1856500 jobs.…

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Soft Real Estate and Housing Market May Affect Charities

Thursday, September 1st, 2011 at 4:11pm. 896 Views, 0 Comments.

soft real estate and housing market may affect charitiesAccording to the Louisville Kentucky newspaper, The Courier-Journal, the soft housing market may affect persons that you wouldn’t normally consider:  the homeless.

Most of the persons that donate to charities and help them through the winter months, are also the persons most likely to be feeling some of the fallout from the real estate markets and mortgage industries.  Add in rising food and energy costs, and many persons with disposable incomes to help out others, may start feeling the pressure that they need to help themselves first.

And then add in more persons in need of charitable assistance this year – many charities are reporting up to a 25% increase in persons in need this year.

Then add in the recent drop in the stock market (the S&P…

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Rural Development Office provides Home Repair Loans

Thursday, September 1st, 2011 at 4:07pm. 1829 Views, 0 Comments.

rural development office provides home repair loansThe Shelbyville Kentucky newspaper, The Sentinel-News, had an article today about the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Development Office is going to be providing home repair loans for very low income applicants in the following counties:

Shelby County

Henry County

Oldham County

Spencer County

Franklin County

Trimble County

Applicants desiring to make application for the program, can apply at the Rural Development Office located at 90 Howard drive in Shelbyville Kentucky.

The maximum possible loan under this incentive program is $20000 with the interest set at 1% with a loan term not to exceed 20 years.

The uses for the home repair loans can be for a variety of needs including:



New Septic…

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Kentucky Ranks 8th in Business Climate

Thursday, September 1st, 2011 at 3:59pm. 1103 Views, 0 Comments.

kentucky ranks 8th in business climateSite Selection magazine (a magazine with an international reader base in regard to economic development) has just released its 2007 Annual Business Climate Rankings – and Kentucky placed 8th for business climates.  Some of you may ask, “What is a business climate and what does it mean?”.  A business climate essentially is an evaluation of numerous factors for a particular area’s performance, as well as opinions of corporate executives for how well a state provides an ease of doing business, overall business costs, and other areas that promote business development, growth and incentives.

This award is just one of many that Kentucky has received recently fro economic development awards.  Other recent awards and honors include:


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Shelby County Planning Commission Meeting

Thursday, September 1st, 2011 at 3:55pm. 1546 Views, 0 Comments.

shelby county planning commission meetingThe Shelbyville Kentucky newspaper, The Sentinel-News, announced the Shelby County Triple S Planning Commission meeting for a public hearing set for Tuesday November 20 2007 at 6:30 pm to review possible landscaping and buffering changes that may impact various developments in Shelbyville, Simpsonville and elsewhere.

2 years ago, the Triple S Planning Commission implemented new landscaping rules and protocols that required a minimum amount of plants, trees or shrubs to serve as a landscaping buffer for different zoning classifications (as an example: commercial buffered from residential).

The Executive Director for the Triple Planning and Zoning Commission, Ryan Libke, has proposed some changes to the landscaping and buffering rules that are currently…

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Simpsonville Kentucky Annexation of Land near I-64

Thursday, September 1st, 2011 at 3:51pm. 742 Views, 0 Comments.

simpsonville kentucky annexation of land near i-64The Shelbyville Kentucky newspaper, The Sentinel-News had an article today about the Simpsonville Kentucky annexation of land near I-64.  It is apparently drawing out protesters and critics – and the mayor of Simpsonville KY Steve Eden is firing back.

The mayor states that the entire Simponsville City Commission desires for heavy vehicles and equipment to be on the property – and that he only desires to see businesses that would benefit a traveling public.

But, this hasn’t satisfied many persons.  Protesters have been passing out flyers and organizing a protest for the vote on Wednesday.  They are under the opinion that some sort of agreement has been made without the public’s knowledge or consent with Redline Properties (the current owner…

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United States Job and Payroll Growth in October

Thursday, September 1st, 2011 at 3:46pm. 867 Views, 0 Comments.

The Louisville Kentucky newspaper, The Courier Journal recently had an article about United States jobs and payrolls. Employers have added two times the number of jobs that was previously projected for the month of October 2007. The Labor Department also noted that payrolls grew by 166000, and that the unemployment rate didn’t move and is holding steady at 4.7%. All of these are good indicators despite the nervous economy regarding the housing market being soft and mortgage industry being in turmoil. Kentucky’s rate for unemployment is at 6.1%.

The job increases came primarily from the following sectors:

legal services

temporary help firms

hotels & motels





accounting & book keeping…

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Shelbyville KY Real Estate Transfers

Thursday, September 1st, 2011 at 4:27am. 5450 Views, 0 Comments.

shelbyville ky real estate transfersThe Shelbyville Kentucky newspaper The Sentinel-News, published the Shelbyville KY real estate transfers.  They are as follows:

Knobview Partners LLC to Brent Murray & Edith Turner-Murray – Lot 8 Knob View Estates $203000

Christina & Tyler Rosenbalm to Roxann Fry – Lot 4 Thurman Property divided $190000

Garry & Shelia Reese to Garry & Shelia Reese – Property located on Aiken Road $1

Micah & Jamie Andriot to Terence Crittendon – Lot 1 in Fairview Addition $105000

Knobview Partners LLC to Michael & Pamela Shelburne – Lot 113 Partridge Run Subdivision Section 3 $229500

Prentice & Donna Raisor to Hinton McGraw Builders Developers LLC – Lot 153 Partridge Run Subdivision Secion 2 $174900

Washington Mutual, Allen & Shannon Walker,…

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Simpsonsville KY attempts to annex property at I-64

Thursday, September 1st, 2011 at 4:23am. 762 Views, 0 Comments.

simpsonsville ky attempts to annex property at i-64According to the Shelbyville Kentucky newspaper, The Sentinel-News, the Simpsonville KY  City Commission is making attempts to annex 42 acres of property located at the interchange of I-64 and Buckcreek Road.

A great majority of the land is currently owned by the state.  Approximately 7 acres is owned by Redline Properties, who intends to seek rezoning on the property to allow commercial development.

The Redline Properties representative, Mike Ford, sent a letter to the Simpsonville KY City Commission at the end of July asking the council to annex the property, and to ask the Triple S Planning and Zoning Commission to change the zoning from agricultural to X-1, which would allow development of commercial uses including hotels, restaurants,…

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I-64 Construction Detour in Franklin County Kentucky

Thursday, September 1st, 2011 at 4:18am. 2322 Views, 0 Comments.

i-64 construction detour in franklin county kentuckyThe Shelbyville  Kentucky newspaper The Sentinel-News wrote an article about the I-64 interstate construction project, and the re-routing of traffic by a detour.

There are 2 bridges that cross the Kentucky River in Franklin County, and both will begin having repairs starting today.

Various components of the bridge will be repaired or replaced including the expansion joints, which allow for movement of the bridge as it expands or contracts, for the east side of both bridges.

The construction project is contracted to be completed by the contractor Faulkner Construction LLC by December 15.

The traffic vehicle average for the bridges is 41,400. Approximately 7900 of which are trucks.

All vehicles that are wider than 12′ will be required to…

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