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Posted by Jonathan Karlen on Wednesday, August 31st, 2011 at 11:06pm.

shelbyville ky homes for saleWith the long hot & dry summer we’ve had, there has been an increase in complaints regarding the Shelbyville KY water. While we haven’t noticed anything negative in regard to our water supply, various persons in other parts of Shelby County aren’t happy.

The primary water source is a lake known as Guist Creek and persons have voiced concerns over taste and odor. The Shelbyville Municipal Water Company has been doing their testing regularly, and results for bacteria has been coming back negative.

They’ve made adjustments from their collection points to get away from algae that has formed in Guist Creek, but there is not much they can do about it. They consider it to be more of an annoyance, than a problem. Its safe to drink.

There is a plan proposed by the Louisville Water Company to build a pipeline along US 60 that will bring more water to central Kentucky.

Various concerns from residents pointing to the growth that Shelbyville and Shelby County have experienced, are raising demands for more infrastructure to be put in place before additional developments/growth are approved.

shelbyville horse farms for saleOn an upside, we got some rain last night/this morning that was quite significant. It raised our 2 ponds on our Shelbyville horse farm quite noticeably. Hopefully with cooler weather for the forecast in the next couple of weeks, we can pick up some additional rain and alleviate concerns for any issues regarding Shelbyville KY water.  Click the following if you are searching for either homes for sale in Shelbyville KY or Shelbyville horse farms for sale.

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