Simpsonville Kentucky – Downtown Proposed

Posted by Jonathan Karlen on Friday, September 2nd, 2011 at 8:55pm.

simpsonville ky homes for saleSimponsville Kentucky is a thriving and growing community that lies immediately east of the Louisville KY real estate market. It has served as an outpost in a mostly agricultural and rural landscape. But Simpsonville KY government officials have asked the Triple S Planning & Zoning commission to consider how the city would be able to create a downtown district to better serve the community and its neighbors.

There is the understanding that the actual concept for a downtown Simpsonville KY may take up to 20 or even 40 years, but they are wanting to make plans now for the future that is coming this way. Some work preparing the way has already been started: Simpsonville requested money from the Kentucky state government to fund sidewalks along the US 60 corridor that goes through the city.

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There is a push for community and citizen input on the proposal as well as potential grandfathering of existing businesses that may not comply with the potential future plans for the area and their ordinance changes that may occur that would place them in potential violation. At this point, most of the citizens appear to be behind the idea of getting ideas and plans in place for the future. Simpsonville KY gets a big thumbs up for thinking and planning ahead. Too many times, cities can grow before they really even know it – and then the infrastructure for those homes and businesses are insufficient to meet the needs of the rapid growth that they enjoyed in the first place. Getting things in place now before the demand from Louisville eastward stimulates high density real estate development is an excellent idea.

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