Soft Real Estate and Housing Market May Affect Charities

Posted by Jonathan Karlen on Thursday, September 1st, 2011 at 4:11pm.

soft real estate and housing market may affect charitiesAccording to the Louisville Kentucky newspaper, The Courier-Journal, the soft housing market may affect persons that you wouldn’t normally consider:  the homeless.

Most of the persons that donate to charities and help them through the winter months, are also the persons most likely to be feeling some of the fallout from the real estate markets and mortgage industries.  Add in rising food and energy costs, and many persons with disposable incomes to help out others, may start feeling the pressure that they need to help themselves first.

And then add in more persons in need of charitable assistance this year – many charities are reporting up to a 25% increase in persons in need this year.

Then add in the recent drop in the stock market (the S&P 500 is currently at 1416.77, which is less than where it began this year at 1418.30).

Add those 3 things together – and its going to be hard on a lot of people.  There are more people in need – and less persons able or willing to donate to charity to help them in the first place.

Even if things are tight for you this year – try to help out others.  There are canned food drives – make sure you dig in your old pantries and get the food to persons that will truly benefit from it.  Its not going to cost you anything additional, as the food is already paid for and sitting in your cupboard.

Try to get in the holiday spirit, and help others if you are able.  After all, that IS what the holidays are all about in the first place. One of the most powerful and fastest search tools for homes available can be found at Louisville Homes and for those persons that may be interested in Anchorage, be sure to check out Anchorage KY Luxury Homes to view properties that are on the market in that area.

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