United States Real Estate Market affects Job Hiring

Posted by Jonathan Karlen on Thursday, September 1st, 2011 at 4:51pm.

united states real estate market affects job hiringAccording to the most report from Washington D.C., the United States real estate market had a negative impact on job hiring for the past month of November 2007.

Many construction companies fired employees in an effort to reduce costs during this slower real estate market.  Mortgage companies, real estate companies, and banks followed suit.

Still, unemployment overall remains at 4.7%.  Kentucky’s unemployment rate was 5.6%.

There were modest employment gains overall – primarily as a result of the services industry.

These modest job gains will likely stimulate the Federal Reserve to make interest rate cuts to help ensure that the economy remains moving forward.

Some more detailed information is as follows:

Non-farms payroll increased by 94000 for November.

Strong enough to at least calm some nerves about a possible recession – but still weak enough that there are going to be concerns about what may happen.

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It is hard to predict how much of a reduction the Fed may make.  Some believe that 1/4 of a point would be a good place for the Fed to reduce the current rate to - while others feel it may be even stronger than that.

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